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You Can Now Catch the Shuttle Service From the Quad Cities Directly to Codfish Hollow Barnstormers

Iowa is well known for scenic country settings and exceptional musicians whose live performances leave everyone in awe. Even among a wealth of Iowa’s gems, the Codfish Hollow stands out as a distinct rural tourism destination and music venue. The barn in the Hollow regularly hosts live shows from both local and national indie bands.

Ever since the first concert, back in July 2009, the barn has garnered a lot of attention from music lovers across the States. Today, nearly a decade later, Codfish Hollow has reached peak popularity. Despite the great interest, the barn’s fairly remote location would prevent many music enthusiasts from indulging in the unique experience the barn provides.

This prompted altSTATES Travel to implement a shuttle service to and from the Hollow. The Codfish Hollow Show Shuttle is available from several locations within the Quad Cities and can transport up to 15 people at a time. It eliminates the need to worry about driving back from the music venue in the dead of night and guarantees a safe journey back home.

You can book the shuttle online at, or by calling 563-265-3191. The price for the shuttle service is $49 per person, with a $2 discount if you book five or more days in advance. Moreover, a portion of the ticket sales goes towards the “Raise the Roof” campaign. So, not only will you spare yourself the trouble of driving to and from the events, but you will also greatly contribute to the much-needed roof renovations.

The fundraiser is currently at $6,001 out of the necessary $25,000. Although there’s still a way to go before the goal is met, every little bit helps. So, if making new friends, enjoying great music, and supporting talented artists and a noble goal is up your alley, then we suggest taking the shuttle service to the barn.

You can check out the comprehensive list of upcoming shows at the official barnstormers website as well as purchase the tickets.


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