Congress Introduces Radical PRO Act

The U.S. House introduced Protecting the Right to Organize Act on May 2, which is bad news for employers all over the United States, not just in Iowa.

New PRO Act Harmful to Iowa Employers

The U.S House addressed issues of unfair business owners practices in Iowa and introduced new legislation that would influence the employers. The legislation is an attempt to implement anti-job policies created by Obama-Era National Labor Relations Board, which have been denied by the court or federal agencies over the years.

The sponsors’ intentions with this legislation range from eliminating Right-to-Work protections for workers to codifying the controversial Browning-Ferris rule into law. The hearing was held by the HELP Committee, i.e., the House Education and Labor Committee.

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) warns about the detrimental consequences of this act and is launching a campaign against it.


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