O'Rourke Child Care Plan

Deborah VanderGaast shared her concerns with her employees about leaving her daycare business. Seeing how the Democratic presidential candidate was in town, she decided to deliver this message to him. Read on to find out more!

VanderGaast Warned Beto O’Rourke About Her Business Potentially Being Shut Down

On Tuesday, Deborah VanderGaast talked to her employees and shared that she might be leaving her daycare in Tipton. After she found out that Beto O’Rourke is coming to town, she wanted to deliver her issues directly to him.

During O’Rourke’s gathering of about seventy-five people, VanderGaast told him that if they took away the three or four-year-olds, many daycare businesses would no longer be viable, including hers.

She also added that Iowa has many similar daycares across the state. Her main problem — she is losing money due to state regulations; she is required to hire more employees than she actually needs. Mainly because the state thinks infants need extra supervision.

VanderGaast elaborated that fewer employees can take care of the older students, since they do not need strict supervision, and centers can make enough money to cover the bills. If it weren’t for them, she thinks her business would stand no chance.

Decisions and Consequences

Initially, it was O’Rourke’s idea to bring some financial relief to families that have young kids. He plans for the federal government to cover the costs of preschools for three and four-year-olds across the country.  

After hearing what VanderGaast had to say, O’Rourke told Channel 13 that his attention is now toward the reality of his suggestions. He added that VanderGaast made him think about the decisions and their potential consequences.

The Democratic president and former governor of California also support the idea of more than doubling the federal minimum wage. If this were to come to life, workers would have to receive at least $15 per hour. This creates yet another problem for business owners, and VanderGaast said this would make it impossible for her to provide for her employees.

She and O’Rourke both agreed that workers deserve a more significant payment, but she simply cannot sustain it. By the end of their conversation, O’Rourke promised to keep in touch and find a proper solution for VanderGaast.



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