Iowa Funding Approved

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds signed several appropriation bills to fund the Administration & Regulation budget as well as Education budget. The funds received will be used for broadband expansion and achieving the Future Ready Iowa plan.

Iowa’s Governor Signed the Budget Bills

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a couple of spending bills into law at the beginning of this month and thus approved the budgets for Administration & Regulation and Education. The budget for the latter is of great importance for the Future Ready Iowa initiative.

The goal of Future Ready Iowa is to have 70% of Iowa adults educated beyond high school by 2025. The Education budget includes more than $13 million for the Last-Dollar Scholarship available to new high-school graduates and adults over 20. This bill also determines a wage threshold for workplaces that meet the Future Ready Iowa expectations.

The Regulation and Administration budget bill that was signed into law includes a budget of $5 million for broadband expansion. Governor claims that this was half the sum she was hoping for. She added that she would ask for 15 million dollars for the same cause in the next session.

The budget for Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure and Agriculture & Natural Resources was also signed by Gov. Reynolds. The Governor announced that she would proceed with acquiring the approval for the remaining budget bills, i.e., Economic Development, Judicial, and Justice.


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