Iowa Act

How will residents of Iowa benefit from the Empower Rural Iowa Act? Get every piece of information here!

Iowans Will Have the Same Chances

On Monday, Governor Kim Reynolds decided to sign the Empower Rural Iowa Act. The primary purpose of this initiative is to reach out and offer long-term success to all Iowans. This way, according to Reynolds, each of them will have the same chances of success, wherever they reside.  

She added that the state is trying to invest, grow, and connect their rural communities with this collaborative initiative. The new law she had signed will achieve many things; keep Iowa’s youth inside the state border and attract others to come and resume the positive movement, which is happening all across rural areas.

The Empower Rural Iowa Initiative was the governor’s key priority. Moreover, the legislature unanimously voted for this bill. Reynolds said that her office is focused on broadband connectivity and nurturing the future generation of leaders and workforce housing. It is her strong opinion that every thriving community contains a leadership component which drives all of the innovative things they are doing. She concluded that this would be an exciting and amazing first start.

The legislation process took place in Wilton. To be precise, it occurred at the Wilton Candy Kitchen, which is a local soda fountain, confectionary store, and a local ice cream parlor.


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