Read the latest news regarding economics in Iowa and the way this state came to be honored by Google.

An Iowa Pumpkin Patch Receives Recognition From Google

As stated by CBS2 Iowa, the state’s Colony Pumpkin Patch located in the city of North Liberty has been honored by Google. The company has released its Economic Impact Report for 2018 and recognized the importance of the pumpkin patch.

The said report features one enterprise from every state in America to illustrate a successful collaboration with Google. According to the report, 7,100 Iowa nonprofit organizations, businesses, and publishers have utilized Google search and advertising tools during the past year which resulted in obtaining $1.04 billion in the state’s economic activity.

According to the owners of the said pumpkin patch, Dean and Katie Colony, they started their business back in 2005. What they did, is turn their conventional farm into a patch in order to appeal to people during the summer and autumn seasons. Thanks to certain tools, some of them being Google Ads and Google My Business, tourists have taken notice in the business of the Colony couple.

As claimed by the husband and wife, around 70% of their advertising budget is invested in digital advertising. They hope to achieve the goal of making their business flourish throughout the entire year.

Their successful collaboration with Google has provided the Colonys a three-day visit to Google headquarters, Googleplex, in Mountain View, California, as a part of the conference that will be attended by all the businesses mentioned in the report.    


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