Bond Shymansky, Iowa volleyball coach who is on forced paid leave won’t lead the team on the Big Ten foreign tour.

Mark Rosen from Michigan to Coach Volleyball Team for the Big Ten Tour

It is official — Iowa University volleyball coach, who is on paid leave, won’t lead the team on the Big Ten Foreign tour.

The Iowa University representatives confirmed this information after Shymanski committed serious violations of NCAA rules, that put him on thin ice. The University reps added that coach Shymansky was sent on a paid leave on May 20 and that he mustn’t perform any activity related to the volleyball team during this period. 

The whole story began on May 1 when a student-athlete accused Shymansky of serious violations. The investigation started five days later with a promise that Iowa University will fully cooperate in an ongoing investigation. 

In the meantime, Michigan coach Mark Rosen will take over the steering wheel and lead the volleyball team during the Big Ten foreign tour. This tour starts on Friday, June 14th in Osaka, Japan. The young participants will have the opportunity to visit significant Japanese landmarks before the tour ends on June 26.



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