Trump and Biden both visited Iowa last week, looking for support for the 2020 elections. They exchanged a series of accusations and insults on this occasion.

Clash of Political Opponents in Iowa

President Trump and a former president Biden were both in Iowa last week, trying to gain support for the upcoming presidential elections in 2020. Both of them used this opportunity to charge at each other relentlessly. 

Trump’s visit to Iowa came at a time when farmers struggled with declining commodity prices and the China trade war was heavily affecting the export of farming products to this country.

Trump didn’t miss the chance to take credit for lifting the restrictions on the use of E-15 during his visit to one of Iowa’s ethanol companies. He said in his touting manner that this move came just in time “to fuel the vacation season.”

He commended Iowan farmers for being “great patriots” and announced a “huge reward” for their sacrifice. He also said that he would take care of farmers as no other president had before, promising his supporters that they would feel substantial benefits in about a year and a half. 

Political experts, however, wonder if a loyal Republican voting body in Iowa would run out of patience before the 2020 elections because the tax war with China has hit them the hardest.

As the poll from February shows, this is unlikely to happen since 81% of Republican voters in Iowa still fiercely support the current president and his decisions.

When talking about the decrease in the export of farming produce, Trump announced Japan as the next big buyer that would fill in the gap left by the American-Chinese trade war. He reassured his supporters that other countries, such as Mexico, would start “buying farming products big, really big.”

The president also used the opportunity to mention his opponent. He said, in his well-known manner, that Biden was a “sleepy guy unfit to run the country,” not forgetting to mention that “nobody likes him.”

Biden responded with counterfire, saying that Trump represented “an existential threat to the country” that undermined the U.S. international reputation. He especially looked back on Trump’s attacking the NATO while backing up Russia at the same time. 

He expressed grave concern about Trump’s abuse of the presidential position to gain excessive power in decision making. He emphasized that this kind of presidency shook the foundations of American democracy. 

When talking about the burning issues people in Iowa struggle with, Biden expressed his hope that they would remember what they were going through because of the president’s disastrous import tax policy and that they would punish Trump at the next elections.


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