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P.J. Fleck, a controversial Minnesota coach, is about to start his third season with this college football team.

What the Future Holds for Minnesota Golden Gophers

You love to hate this guy and may think it would be better if he never set foot in Minnesota, but P.J. Fleck has done wonders for Minnesota Golden Gophers in the final third of season 2018.

They have won three out of four final games and kept their heads above the water. 

They kicked off this mini-series by a startling performance against Indiana’s Purdue. They allowed their opponents only ten points while they scored. After a tight game against  Northwestern, which they lost by ten points, they put out a top-notch performance, to record one of the biggest victories in decades. They stormed through the Wisconsin Badger’s home field winning this game with 37:15.

Fleck doesn’t care for haters and he starts his third season in Gophers with 16 starters who should come back to the team. There is also an array of seasoned running backs he can count on. He awaits the following three matches with 2 quarterback starters and top three receivers. A hard game in Penn State is ahead of them in a crossover schedule.

This coach is full of enthusiasm he spills over his players, making an unbreakable tie essential for the team. He also likes doing things his way, which he proved by firing the coordinator of defense in 2018, a reckless move as his opponents thought.

He also made a bold decision three games before the season’s end, when he benched Smit and started with Rosy; the game in which their opponents scored only ten points. 

This was a hazardous move that paid out in the end. Since the game was a success, Fleck became a man of great perception and wit. If the entire thing failed, he would be the biggest duffus on the planet.

Fleck’s Gophers showed an enviable level of stamina during the previous season too. With two running backs out of the field, the entire season depended on the rookie Mohamed Ibrahim who crowned his stunning opening season for Minnesota with a brilliant performance in the Quick Lane Bowl victory. 

Minnesota also had to give up the starting quarterback in the middle of the season due to the severity of his injury. Tanner Morgan stepped in and played the rest of the games that season. We’ll see if all these adversities have left some marks on Minnesota Golden Gophers.

An Insight on P.J. Fleck

Fleck is great at promoting anything, anywhere. A remarkable feature that gives him an edge in recruiting, getting facilities or anything else a college football coach like him needs.

The reason that many people can’t stand this football coach may lie in his bluntness. He may have crossed the line when he commented on three painful and sudden drop-outs from the 2020 generation of players by stating that the problem is in the society and not in the program. A little reminder for Fleck, all programs have flaws and may crash down, so it may be a good tip to make players aware of this fact when they enter the program.

Flack with his amazing promotional skills and unorthodox decisions that actually work on the field has won the sympathies of Minnesota fans. The rest of the college football world still despise him. We’ll see who will have the victorious smile in the end.

Who Is Going to Start for Minnesota This Year?

There is a significant quarterback issue for Fleck to solve. Especially when we know how much he had to improvise due to some unfortunate circumstances. 

A great skill player can make a huge difference for a team and lead it to another Bowl win. 

Annextad and Morgan definitely improved the performance of the whole team in the previous season.

What about the Gopher’s defense? 

Carter Coughlin has a chance to bloom as a linebacker this season judging from the end of the last season. There is also a reliable Thomas Barber starter for three years in a row that will keep everything together.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Fleck to have an even more successful season with Minnesota Gophers this year. This would bring him a god-like status among fans, which is always a huge motivation.



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