Kim-Kardashian attention

This time she was accused of creating a “cultural controversy” when she decided to name her collection of “solution wear” or the “shapewear” “Kimono” just so it falls in line with her other products. 

The main problem that started the whole fiery debate on social media is that the fancy term “solution wear” stands for a well-known piece of underwear that some women in need use to give their body shape. 

The main and the most obvious issue is that Kimono as a Japanese traditional garment is deeply entrenched in their culture and carries a huge emotional value, and people really hate when someone messes up with their cultural and historical heritage.

Kim Kardashian released a statement in an attempt to explain her choice. It all sounds clumsy and unconvincing though because she claims she wanted to point out the beauty and intricacy of details of her underwear collection. 

But this delicate attempt to justify the whole thing simply clashes with a picture where a bunch of women of various shapes, forms and skin tones only wear these shapers. 

Although Kardashian clearly stated that she wouldn’t design anything that mocks the traditional garment, that was the impression most people had and they clearly expressed their resentment in comments. 

One Japanese woman said the name of the collection puzzled her because underwear has nothing to do with the traditional Kimono she loved to wear. She carried on by saying that it would be utterly offensive if Kardashian chose this name intentionally. On the other hand if this was some kind of wordplay to fit in this product with her other brands, she politely advised her to think again.

Not only hasn’t Kim Kardashian backed down, but she has also made another step that additionally enraged the objectors. She filed an application to trademark the name Kimono for her underwear line.


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