The ROH was initiated with the purpose of acknowledging the school’s exceptional football coaches and players. Candidates are elected by a committee of earlier and active coaches, players, and local supporters.

This annual event is a chance to memorialize, recognize, and honor the rich past, legacy, and ideals of the East High School football. To commemorate the significant fifteen-year celebration, the committee will be distributing a specially designed t-shirt to each ROH representative during the meeting.

The list of candidates is published and includes players such as Brenton Shavers (1987), Sean McGrane (1992), Ken Rosenkrans (1969), Joe Rodgers (1971), and Dennis Anderson (1974), as well as the coach Wille Austin. Eugene Stephens (1940) is also listed as a candidate for the memorial.

The overall number of selectees at the moment includes 109 members, 13 trainers, and 96 players.


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