Opposite to other presidential candidates who were all focused on the call for the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh, Justice of the Supreme Court, Gabbard debated about other problems.

Referring to a CNN text, Gabbard criticized President Trump that humiliated himself before the aspirations of Saudi Arabia and his intention to utilize the American army to fulfill their desires.

She denounced the President’s administration and Mike Pompeo for deliberate long-term pro-war propaganda against Iran and for actually massive preparations to bring it to realization. Gabbard accused them of pushing the country towards war. Responding to his words in the mentioned text, she said that she was convinced in the President’s truthfulness and intentions when he declared that the U.S. was “locked and loaded.”

Furthermore, she said that war against Iran could only be justified if there was a necessity to defend the American country and people. But it was utterly useless if its price was enormously high for all sides involved — Iran, the U.S., and the region.

She asked the President to reply how he intended to gather that kind of money and from where (trillions of U.S. dollars). Moreover, she inquired how he would deal with the consequences that war would leave on veterans. Gabbard stated that they would return with life-lasting scars, both visible and hidden.

Gabbard also believes that, by relying on her military knowledge, she could understand the extent of diplomacy required to prevent war.



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